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    Refresh is a festival wash kit containing 5 useful items. It works as a shower when filled with water.
Refresh - Festival pack
Packaging. Starpack brief. Shower fit containing 5 useful items.
I have designed a festival wash kit which works as a shower when filled with water. The user empties the contents, places the plug at the base and fills the pack with water. When ready to use it the user pulls the plug and holds the pack above their head whilst they have a wash. The pack can be easily opened and closed using the drawstring top. The clear panel on the back allows the user to see how much water is inside when using the product. It is measured on a scale from clean to dirty to add humour. It is aimed at modern, mostly female festival goers who care about their appearance and do not particularly enjoy the outdoor camping experience.
The branding has a clinical, medical style with a sense of humour to relate to the market. I have chosen 5 items to go inside the pack which are needed when using the shower so that the pack works together. I have numbered each item so it tells you which order to use them in. The tone of voice is very simple with the numbering system to tell you how to use the product, perfect for young adults who could be hung over and tired in the festival mornings. The items are small and have been controlled in size so that there is enough in each to last the length of the festival which is usually 2-5 days. The items are flexible and easy to dispose of so they can be thrown away at the end of the festival. The label around the pack gives more information about the product and how it can be used with a simple infographic and images of the contents. ="yui_3_3_0_3_1338835818816103">