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    Ad campaign for Vilnius College of Design
The world by Vilnius College of Design 
AD McCann Erickson Vilnius

Art Director - Ignas Kozlovas
Copywriter - Kotryna Sokolovaitė
Illustrators - Ignas Kozlovas (Alarm-clock - Ignas Kozlovas, Džiugas Valančauskas)
Designer - Ignas Kozlovas
Creative Directors - Simonas Tarvydas, Jonas Valatkevičius

Vilnius College of Design (VCD) is a private institution of higher learning offering high-quality arts education for creative and innovative people. For the first time since its opening in 1997 the school decided it needs an image campaign in order to position itself in the educational market. 

Our proposal was based on a simple insight. The world is more interesting when you open your imagination, but you have to know how to do it; and the right studies provided by good lecturers give you the key. So we presented VCD as the school of imagination broadening.

In the print series we are showing three every-day objects (well, two objects and a penguin) seen by the eyes of an artist. In fact, you have to look closely and pay attention to every detail to understand what the objects are.

The shortest TVC we‘ve done presents our penguin among a large number of regular penguins. Because VCD students are much more than average students. They even talk and sing differently!
We also printed loads of stickers communicating the idea of “the world according to VCD“. We left a blank space to fill in with a word that a person thinks is the most suitable. For some, a take-out coffee cup is an electrical heater, and the bicycle track is a bowling alley... The only formula for the game is no limits for your imagination. The pictures of the stickers are all being put to a Facebook page to spread the idea.

Animation – Romanas Orlovas
Sound – Tadas Quazar