E-Z Touch 

As easy as Touch!
The EZ Touch is a modern interpretation of an Ease-of-Use telephone. It combines classic ideas with modern technology to create a product that is both functional and fashionable. 

This product was created during my second year at University studying Computer aided Design. The inspiration behind the product came from a family I knew of that were very house proud, keeping their home very modern and fashionable. The family had an elderly member that used certain products to make things easier such as mobility aids. I looked into the existing Ease-of-Use/big button telephones and realised that all of the products available in this sector of the market were not aesthetically pleasing in the slightest. I then decided to investigate and create a concept that combines the needs of the user with a product that was attractive to look at and will not look out of place in any household. 

The following images show the final outcome of the project. The E-Z Touch features a sleek, glass, touch-sensitive keypad with the traditional large buttons. The buttons include a keypad, phonebook shortcut, volume, speakerphone and an 'Emergency Contact' button that can be programmed to call an emergency number with just one touch. The tubular base houses all of the electrical components including a speaker at each end. The compact, cordless, touch screen handset docks into the top of the base to charge and sync with the keypad. 

The E-Z Touch was chosen to be shown at the 2011 LJMU Product Innovation show. 
 Docked Handset
Earlier concept keypad. 
Earlier concept image .
 Design Poster 1.
 Design Poster 2.
 2011 LJMU Product Innovation Show. 
 Prototype Model.