Tips for your Instagram photos to gain "likes"
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The human being is a visual creature: 80% of the information received by the brain comes through the eyes . That explains the enormous power of the image in us, and that is precisely one of the reasons why photography and film have succeeded in the way that they have. That, coupled with an egocentric and exhibitionist spark that we all have risen to Instagram to be one of the most important social networks in the world.

The use of the application is really simple and intuitive, yet there are a number of options available that many people do not know they are available, here a series of tricks to Instagram to help you succeed in which Robert Capa photograph.

Beyond the filters

Complete edition photography

When using Instagram, many users go directly to your cat to apply the filter to find more hipster and willshoot for the net, but the application has a much more complete editor which many people ignore the existence. When editing the picture, if we press on the icon wrench that is on the filters on the right side, toccederemos to a second menu where you can edit the slope of the picture , brightness, contrast, warmth or saturation, add a vignetting effect or unfocused.

Instagram Direct

If Instagram can be described as the Twitter of the photos, this option would be equivalent to direct messages , and you can access it through the tray icon is in the top bar of the timeline, next to the logo.Clicking on the plus symbol, we can make a photo, edit it and send it to the people we choose. If you have a friend runner that continues to send photos of their triathlons and training and you feel bad block because you will see every day, Instagram Direct gives you the option to ignore your photos. To do this just access the settings of the photo and press on that option.

Edit and share after publishing photo

Sometimes share a photo and just give the "send" button you see it you think of a better comment or see that you forgot to share on Facebook. Do not despair, you do not delete the photo and turn it up losing that Like you've had and that feeds your ego. Simply press the Options button photo, the three squares that are to the right of the screen next to the corazoncito the like and button to comment. Then the option to share on - screen, to edit the comment, to delete or copy the URL, this allows you to paste into link, for example in email or WhatsApp to send it to a friend.

Videos: disable the preloaded

Instagram joined the world of micro-video competition to fight Vine and gave him some extra network vidilla, but also brings some mishap. By default, Instagram preload videos when you click Refresh on your timeline, even when you're with mobile network. This can speed up the use of the social network, but alsocan be a blow to your data rate . To disable it , just go to settings (from your profile, the three squares that are to the right of your name, down to videos and there choose "preloading only Wi-Fi." This will save so a lot of megas that will help you reach the end of the month.

Use the filters unpublished photo

A trick some rock, but useful. If you're a fan of the filters (hipsters are also people) and want to apply one to a photograph that-whatever -you do not want published, you just have to turn on airplane mode and then proceed as normal and give publish the photograph. The application will tell you that there has been an error and can not publish, but the vintage photograph will be in your gallery.

photographic tricks

Use your regular camera

Instagram lets you take photos from within the application, but it is extremely advisable to use the application you use the application you usually use to take pictures, whether that comes with the phone, the Chamber of Google or any of the many options you have in Play Store. The main reason is that, to begin with , have saved the original unretouched photograph in your gallery . This is critical in case they want to use that photo again with different touches, to hold it in the highest possible quality and with a format other than the usual square Instagram. Always keep the original photograph is something they teach you in the first photography class. In addition, most camera applications have more options than Instagram, such as HDR or select and focus light from different parts of the image.

Play with focus

It is difficult to achieve a bokeh effect  with a mobile, but still can play efficiently with focus, especially if what you want is a picture of a nearby object, like that sausage sandwich that you will be labeled as #Foodporn . If the camera close enough to the object and focus, background out of focus , so that focus the viewer's attention on the chosen object and making it visually more attractive picture. In addition, there are applications that can help you achieve or enhance this effect, as Afer Focus .

Use the flash only when necessary

The camera flash can be a great tool, but also completely changes the atmosphere of a scene to completely alter the lighting. Generally, you should avoid using them , but we must not defenestrarlo completely because there are times which can be a great help. For example, if you want to take a picture of the sunset, oc ny backlight in general, the flash you can help the foreground objects are distinguishable and not a simple silhouette though photography silhouetted can also be very llamativa- . On the other hand, if the atmosphere is indifferent to you and what you want to highlight an object in the foreground, the flash can also help you because it will highlight the object and darken the background, creating a very mixed picture. If the image is too cold you, you can always turn to a publisher, as the same Instagram- to climb the warmth.

The sky is your friend

You're doing a photo to a landscape in which there is a significant contrast of light where I tell the phone that gauge light to adequately capture the atmosphere? In these cases , a good resource is resorting to heaven, measures light in the highest and most likely is that the resulting picture is reasonably suits what you're watching . Something similar applies to the pictures with reflections, if you want to capture an image of an object reflected in a lake, for example, you must tell the phone that measures light in the water to capture the reflection photo to perfection.

Applications and accessories are a great tool

Google Play offers a huge variety of applications that let you apply all kinds of fancy stuff to your photos beyond a simple filter. In addition, it also is highly recommended to use more complete applicationsthat Instagram editor before uploading photos, like Snapseed or Aviary, who will perform with your picture a better job than social network. Moreover, in the market we can find dozens of accessories for your camera phone, from cases to protect your phone from water to lenses that provide a good zoom or wide angle through tripods allow you to have the camera steady during an exhibition long. A world of possibilities serving the likes on Instagram.

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