Designing a Denser Dublin
Designing a Denser Dublin
Role: Project Architect leading a team of seven architects and technologists
Client: Ballymore Properties Ltd
Total floor area: 25,000 sq.m
Contract value: €40 million 

This scheme comprises three apartment blocks, a sheltered housing block and, at basement level, a communal car park and community fitness centre. Our role as a team was to bring the approved planning drawings to a construction standard with all coordination with consultants that was required.

In order for the team to quickly adapt to the task,  a model was made, so that they could see three dimensionally the problems they were trying to solve. I designed a program setting out the key milestones and the delivery dates of the different packages that were required by the client and delegated and monitored the tasks accordingly.

I developed very good working relationships with all the consultants, with all striving to work in a coordinated efficient way. Good tender documents will save the client time and expense once they get to a construction site. A careful design process will anticipate the challenges and give sufficient information so that all details can be priced and solved in advance.
View of landscaped courtyard in residential development.
Site plan showing the layout of the blocks with landscape integrated.
Team of architects and technologists working on the tender documents, nationalities of team range from Irish, Polish, German, Slovak and Czech.
Models built to help understand all the details of the project.
Larger scale models built to help understand all the details and spatial consequences of the design.
Using sketch up models to understand the details in every direction.
1:5 detail with all components referencing the NBS specification.
Designing a Denser Dublin