Lee Killeen - Portfolio
Lee Killeen's Portfolio 
A selection of  Illustrations and Sequential work.
I am an Illustrator and comic book artist from Liverpool, England. I graduated from Liverpool John Moore's University in 2008. Since then I have been building a portfolio of work as well as holding exhibition's of my paintings andIllustrations around Liverpool.

In 2011 I teamed up with 'Japan Comic Aid' a charity set up by Steve Collier to help raise money for the victims of the great Japanese earthquake and tsunami. I agreed to draw 'Kaiju Steel #1' a comic book about giant monsters attacking London which was published by Dead Universe Comics in 2012, it is available to buy on-line now HERE
That was followed up in 2013 by Issue #2 which is available to buy HERE
Issue #3 available Winter 2013.
My work is a mixture of styles with influences from T.V and Movies as well as comic books and popular culture. I started drawing comic book art seriously in 2011 and since then I haven't looked back, I am always striving to improve on each piece I make. This folder is a collection of my most recent works which I will add to as I create new pieces.
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'Fragile' Line Art
 Cutie Pie
George Le Garrec - Hunter
Jacob 'The Birdman'
Codename - Jawbreak
Caitlin Stephens
Dinoman Cover
True Love
'Was It All Worth It?...' Lines
Was It All Worth It?...
Do You Know Who I Am!?
'Kaiju' Sketch
'Kaiju Steel #1' - Page 1
Evil Shadows
'Home Fires' - Page 1
Marcel Pascal - Tactical Powerhouse  
Captain A-Hole
Don't F With The Liver Bird
More Than He Can Chew?
Lee Killeen - Portfolio

Lee Killeen - Portfolio

Lee Killeen's Portfolio of recent works


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