CourseTrends Site Designs
From 2010 to 2014, I was the lead designer at CourseTrends, an Austin, TX-based company that is the leader in marketing solutions for golf and country clubs. Of their gallery of over 30, I have created several.
Unused, completed design that incorporates modern features such as flat-color UI, semi-transparent background, CSS3 transitions, and parallax backgrounds.

Live template
This design was created with a sense of depth and volume in mind, as well as a rugged, outdoors feel.

Live template
This design follows a similar aesthetic to blog layouts, combining the promo tile elements with the slideshow, the primary difference is this one's navigation overlays the slideshow area.

Live template
The most popular of the three templates I've created, this design was based around creating a sense of depth and layering.

Live template
 This template was based around the idea of having a wide content area for clients that have large photos to show off on their home page.

Live template
The Vista template was design to be different and break the standard top to bottom menu-slideshow-promo tiles-content flow of most of our templates.

Live template
The Dead Pool
Unfortunately, not every template can be a winner. The following are all designs that were submitted, but were rejected for one reason or other.
 This template follows the current web trend of minimalist, typography-based design, as well as having an "infinite scroll" placing all of the content onto one page.
The Blaze template has a similar layout to the Bluesky design, except that the navigation goes horizontally across the top, and the slideshow element has a secondary part that goes across the background as well.
This template includes the current design trends of ribbon design elements, as well as rounded corners for the body section and drop shadows on the various elements to create a sense of depth.
The idea behind this template was to combine elements from two of CourseTrend's most popular templates, the Emperor and the Hudson, as well as combining the promo tiles and slideshow into a single element.
The Lighthouse template was designed at the same time as the Dunes and Woodland templates, and so follows the combination slideshow/promo tiles direction. In addition the logo area is reduced so as to accommodate clients with smaller/less proportionate logos.
This template came after the suggestion of adding textures to content areas, as well as the idea of making promo tiles a different shape than just a plain block.
This template is intended to evoke a rolled up map and the outdoors.
This template is designed to have a golden/glossy appearance, specifically from the shiny backgrounds of the content areas, gold promo tiles, and curved content areas.
This template was designed at the same time as the Vista template shown above, and as such has similar design aesthetics (blue/white color scheme, irregular layout, large background). This one included partially transparent areas in order to highlight the background photo.
This template was designed after seeing the ribbon element displayed prominently on numerous web design trend lists, and is designed to accommodate clients with smaller photos.
This template was designed after reading more web trend articles that heavily pushed ribbon and drop shadow for design elements.
 This template was designed after being suggested to do something more open and earthy in style.
Royal 1
This and the next templates were designed shortly after the completion of the custom site for The Old American Golf Club, and feature elements such as rounded content and floating divs.
Royal 2
Designed at the same time as Royal 1, this template essentially just switches the marquee and promo tiles.
Imperial 2
Designed at the same time as the Imperial template listed above, this one had the similar direction of showing off large photos in the slideshow and featuring a wider than usual content area.
This template combines elements from the live Vista template (no major slideshow, wide open background, multiple content items on the home page), as well as the Nile template (wooden background, paper texture content background)