Original brief. (June 2016)
To create branding for an upcoming business known as Streamer Market, which represents both their audience and their service which is aimed purely at gamers.

Creative Solution.
To create an iconic branding that helps Streamer Market achieve their mission which is to give everyone the ability to create their live stream, no matter their budget, and to become the number one pre-made graphic design store and studio for content creators.dream.

Why the redevelopment?
Since the initial development of the Streamer Market branding back in June 2016 and when it was launched on August 1st, the website has reached over 520,000 visits. Although the branding fits the original purpose, it was time to think of the bigger picture. The picture was working with industrial based clients that could open up bigger opportunities for the brand. On top of this, there were a few errors with the logo that could easily be fixed and change the face of the brand for the better.

Logo Design.
Designed to represent the brand and it's target audience. The initial idea was to use the two initials and combine them with the outline of both a shopping cart and a console controller.

Brand Guidelines.
A set of A4 Guidelines in the form of a printed booklet that will allow the Streamer Market brand to stay consistent throughout operation with both clients and marketing. This covers the following: Logo Design, Colour and Typography.

Product Examples.
Below is a few examples of the templates that Streamer Market offers, these are suited to various video games such as Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. These are often tied to the release of a new game, so streamers can theme their stream around the launch of that game. Building up excitement or showing their brand in an alternative way.

*Please note these are designed by various designers who work within Esports and were purchased/commissioned by Streamer Market for the sole purpose of being sold at https://streamermarket.com/

Animation and Product show-reels.
The following are a small preview of both the product the brand offers and the animation designed by Billy Harvey. These are used to advertise products via YouTube and direct the viewer to the website where they can view other products or even create an account.

*Please note these use the older logo and will be updated on the release of Streamer Market V2.

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