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    A set of 8 free brushes for use with Procreate for iOS.
I've been playing around a lot with creating new brushes in Procreate, using both the program's default options and a couple of my own. I've been asked over on Instagram about my brushes, so I figured I'd offer up a few of them for free!

This is a ZIP file with eight .BRUSH files included. If you aren't sure how to import these into Procreate, here's a post on the Procreate forums about bringing in new brushes.

(Note: these cannot be used with Photoshop or Illustrator. They're specifically for the Procreate iOS app.)
Big Blobby Brush: It's big! It's blobby! It's like a whole lot of ink on a very large brush.
Fancy Finesse Lettering: I use this one for a ton of my lettering projects. Rounded ends, a nice contrast between thick and thin lines, and streamline is turned up to 11.
Inky Streaky Brush: I made this one to mimic an ink-filled waterbrush pen. Not 100% there yet, but I still like it. Nice and meaty and bold.
Streaky Fading Ink: A combo look, like a marker that's running out of ink got together with a not-well-loaded paintbrush, and they had a pressure-sensitive baby.
Chalky Lettering: More like a chalk marker than a stick of chalk.
Faded Depth Strokes: Lighter pressure not only gives a thinner line, but more transparency, giving a 3-D effect. Works best when using a light pen on a dark background.
Cartooning Monoweight: The font I've been using to name all of these samples! A little fuzzy around the edges, and nice for doodling.

Random Starfield: Made a great nebula with Procreate's standard cloud brush? Throw some stars over the top of it! The larger you make the brush, the larger the stars and the farther apart they are.

Here's a peek at all of the brushes together (the ZIP file comes with a copy of this image):
Hope you enjoy them, and happy lettering!

(Google Drive / ZIP file)