ENGRAM PROJECT is a multimedia exhibiton about memory. It is a unique e-diary: it collects stories and histories of people who would like to share of them to others.
Every story has its own graphic – illustration of the tale.
This graphics call "engrams".
Engrams are located in a public space, outside. To read the story, spectators need an application (http://bit.ly/2n2uqCF), which allows them to scan the engram.
Localizations of all engrams are shared though a webside (www.engram-project.tk).
Everybody can send a new story (filling a questionnaire: http://bit.ly/2clNPMG). Then I create a new graphic and me or the author will stick it in proper place.

ENGRAM PROJECT has two subprojects – #1 and #Kalisz.
The first one is still available – everybody can join, second one is closed becouse it was made especially for event in Kalisz, Poland.

Project was presented on three temporary exhibitions:
__"Dyplomy Akademii Sztuk Pięknych w Katowicach 2015", Rondo Sztuki, Katowice, Poland
__ "X" - Multi Art Festiwal 10, Centrum Rysunku i Grafiki im. Tadeusza Kulisiewicza, Kalisz, Poland
__ exhibition on Festiwal Sztuki Wysokiej, Galeria Stalowe Anioły, Bytom, Poland

Project is created with help of Artur Ryt (programming) and Marek Pikuła (backend).

If you like this project, look at www.facebook.com/engramproject.