Corey Cummings Fund
Charity Logo
I was approached to create a logo for a new charity called 'The Corey Fund'

This charity is for a little boy called Corey who has Cerebral Palsy which prevents him from walking. Therefore the family have set up a fund which will help them raise money for a life changing operation. 

I was given no specific brief for this identity which was fun as I got to play around with it a bit. Therefore my Idea was to have something that was related to his cerebral palsy and the fact he could not work, however nothing too boring or obvious.

I then decided to create a handprint which is made up of lots of footprints. The concept of this was that the handprint represents the unity of the charity and the footprints represent the fact that he needs the operation to walk.
I want to use bright and kid friendly colours but I also wanted it to relate to adults as thats the people who will be donating the money. The Client was extremely happy with the logo and is now using me to create all the promotional materials such as leaflets, posters and banners.