This work was done to test some techniques and also to enjoy the process of drawing a camera icon from scretch. It took us approximately 2 days working from drawing the first lines on Adobe Illustrator to the finished image on Photoshop. That was very fun to work on!
The main challenge here is to set the a correct perspective according to your first idea of the scene.
With the perspective all set, we started to block the camera. For this work we used images from the web as references and also a real camera (that was a luxury, but if you're able to do this, it sure makes the process a lot easier).
Now we start to add details to the body. Always pay attention to the perspective for all parts of the camera. The smaller the elements are, the more difficult is to set them correctly to the perspective.
Details, details, details...
Just a couple more...
As the drawing keeps going, it stars to get harder to see what we're doing with all those lines on the way. One good fix to that is to start blocking the elements that you're already satisfied with.
It's time to work on the smaller details, such as the round corners. For this part we used the AMAZING Adobe Illustrator's plugin VectorScribe from Astute Graphics. With this tools it's a piece of cake to make inteligent and reusable round corners and a lot more vector tricks.
Adding final details such as lettering and buttons. The tracing part is done. Now we took it to Photoshop to add some colors, shades and a nice environment scene. For this mini "tutorial" we focused on the overall process, so sorry if we didn't show more of the Photoshop process. Next time we'll be recording a quick video of the entire process.
Here it is! The final camera (without background yet)
Voilà! Hope you like it!