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    Inovative, highly ecological, multifunctional and cost saving system for events and exhibitions.
Matej Kadunc is the author of the idea of stands made of wooden crates, which have many benefits for exhibitors:
Benefit no. 1: Stands made of wooden crates help preserve our environment and present the exhibitors as . Most importantly such crates help the visitors see how natural the products of every exhibitor are.
Benefit no. 2: Crates are extremely and of :
- a crate is 50 cm wide and 33,3 cm high, so all stands match the surrounding exhibition space around them,
- a crate weights 1.2 kg which makes the setting-up of such an exhibition space a
Benefit no. 3: Crates can be folded into pallets, which means that it's in a warehouse and . Once the crates are in the congress hall it is easy and not at all time-consuming to build stands. A stand is built by adding and pilling crates. If, for example, we turn a crate towards us we can make a shelf, on the other hand, if we turn the crate away from us we make blank walls, which are needed for signs and pictures. Even hired students with can build such stands. This .
Benefit no. 4: Crates are connected together with leads which assure very strong structure. Leads are almost invisible because they are transparent and installed on hidden places. Such makes the a before opening of a congress or an event, which can be a significant advantage in the exhibition business. In addition, leads are also .  
Benefit no. 5: A wooden crate can also be put in its ordinary position and be used as a basket for fruit or other items which additionally accentuates the fair theme. We can regulate the amount of fruit in a crate by means of special wooden plates. It is a very simple and .
Benefit no. 6: Crates seem to be turned in various directions randomly, which additionally emphasizes the natural look of the stands. But at closer look it can be seen that crates are not positioned randomly. Their position is carefully determined so that every stand has exactly the same amount of the holes (shelves) and therefore all exhibitors have the same exhibiting conditions. At the same time at the same time orderly appearance.
Benefit no. 7: If four stands are combined together in a cross, This significantly reduces the total amount of crates and most importantly the total costs for every exhibitor.
Benefit no. 8: Because of the standard measures of the stands, . It is printed on eco cards.
Benefit no. 9: All pictures fixed on crates are in three formats (size of one crate, two crates or six crates). Exhibitors send to the organizer of the congress before the opening of the event and the them After the event the pictures are easily removed (because of the Velcro), stored and used for other occasions.
Benefit no. 10: The stands made of crates offer , gifts etc ... On the one hand this means that there is and one the other hand the exhibitors are satisfied because they get .
Benefit no. 11: Holes in crates can be .
Benefit no. 12: Beside low costs one of the biggest benefit of stands made of wooden crates is that . And this .
Benefit no. 13: Custom madestands made of crates meet unique and specific needs of every exhibitor. Bellow are some additional custom made stands:
Picture 13.1
Interview with the designer Matej Kadunc is published in the international magazine Kongres on pages 54-55.
The Kongres Magazine is a leading communications medium in the field of meetings industry. It gathers and distributes the know-how related to the organisation of meetings for the world’s top professionals and analyses the development of meetings industry in Europe.
Presentation movie on the SLO 1 TV programme of the National Slovenian Television:
Wooden crates were used as stands at the Conventa - South East European Exhibition for Meetings, Events and Incentives event organised by the Slovenian Convention Bureau.
The movie clip starts at 12 min 00 sec with the author presenting his work at 19 min 35 sec: Link RTV SLO