Ljubostinja (Serbian Cyrillic: Љубостиња, Serbian pronounciation[ʎubǒːstiɲa]) is a Serbian Orthodox monastery near Trstenik, Serbia.. Located in the small mountain valley of the Ljubostinja River. Monastery is dedicated to the Holy Virgin. The monastery was built from the 1388 to 1405. In Ljubostinja were buried Princess Milica, Lazar Hrebeljanovic `s  wife and Nun Jefimija, which after the Battle of Kosovo here became a nun along with a number of other widows of Serbian noblemans who lost their life's in the battles on the river Maritsa and Kosovo Polje. Today Ljubostinja is female monastery which preserves and maintains about fifty nuns. During the rebellion of Kočine, the people were invited on rebellion from the Ljubostinje monastery. After the collapse of rebellion Turks burned the monastery to revenge the Serbs, and most of the frescoes were destroyed. Also, when the monastery was set on fire a secret treasure was discovered that was hidden in the monastery wall behind icons in which the Princess Milica hid their treasure. Among the stolen treasure was located Crown of Prince Lazar, which is now located in Istanbul.

Inspiration: one of the monastery` s elaborate stone roses