Lord of the beasts of the earth & the fishes of the sea
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    Exhibition work.
Lord of the beasts 
of the earth & 
the fishes of the sea
Featuring Fatou N'Diaye
We imagined ourselves official photographers of a leaders’ wife. We captured the publicface of the dictatorship. Through the co-incidence of timing we are there towitness the raise and fall of the regime.As the the dictatorship becomes more and more isolated from thepeople the paranoia of the tyrants’ wife can be seen in changing face.
  As the power slips away so does her ability to fully control herportrayal, like an actor stuggling with reality.

This project was inspired by the book of Diane Ducret " Femmes de dictateur", published by Perrin 2011.

Stylist_ Marion Guiot
Hair_ Mike Desir chez B-agency
Make-up_ Corrine Gues chez B-agency
Assistant_ Elvis Savaria
Retouche_ Pierrick chez Sparklink
Studio_ Kelipse