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About Blend Media
Blend Media is a group of next generation of digital marketeers and brand activators. With expertise in all forms of digital and print mediums, Blend allows brands and businesses to fully capitalise their potential by taking over their design and marketing functions, so that brands can focus entirely on their products and the promise to their customers.

To come up with the complete brand identity and marketing collateral for Blend Media; something that was both unique and minimal.​​​​​​​
1. Logo
The logo for Blend is a capital B in custom typography consisting of two golden suns blending into each other. The letter B takes its final form and shape with the fill of contents placed inside the golden ratio grid.

1.1 Logo Variations
The Blend logo-mark without its word-mark can be used as it is over dark as well as light backgrounds. Its simplicity and minimalism allows it to be resized to very small sizes while maintaining clarity and visual appease.

1.2 Identity Set
The Identity set for Blend follows minimal and clean designing in order to take advantage of clear white space as a backdrop against which the logo and the sun patterns can be placed either alone or together depending on the medium.
2. Colors
2.1 Primary Palette
The primary communication palette includes the basic golden yellow (#FFCE06) that can be used over dark or light space, depending on the need. Absolute white and black are avoided for better visual and print delivery. To compliment the yellow sun, we have added another bright blue color of the sky (#0090D4).
2.2 Complimentary Palette
The complimentary or secondary palette allows two lighter (slightly dull) shades of the golden yellow and sky blue.
3. Typography​​​​​​​
3. Custom Illustrations
All the people associated with Blend Media are "Blenders", an association emerging out of the brand itself. This is the level of brand resonation within the team that the designations are Senior or Junior Blenders for almost all roles. Keeping this in mind a set of custom illustrations were designed and the artwork for Blend's landing page was made.
4. What was unique about this project
As a company Blend Media wanted to reflect their ideology of ‘creating unique brands’ for customers through their own ways of working. That was an absolute necessity while creating any design material for them and this was achieved through creative yet minimalistic design that the brand can associate and relate to fully.

5. Presentation

6. Inspirations

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Blend Media - Branding

Blend Media - Branding

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