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    Penthouse remodel in Budapest
Client: Tamás
Location: Budapest
Size: 62 sqm
Designer: Bunyik Studio
Constructor: Végtelen Megoldás
Photography: Gábor Schlosser
Fruit table: AU Workshop
Artwork: Benze

Tamás and I met in a finished new-build penthouse apartment. We were completely surrounded by concrete surfaces. I looked around and with an architect’s perspective thought to myself, ‘We’re already done!,’ but Tamás had cozier conceptions for his home.

The original architectural concept outlined an L-shaped kitchen, with 5-5 m long wings encircling a dining table - but this arrangement left no space for a living room. Furthermore, all the bathroom functions were grouped together in a single unit in the plans, accommodating everything from the bathtub and sink, to the toilet and broom closet.

As all of the bordering structures were made of concrete, and the electric and utilities connections were already fixed, we had to get creative to adjust the arrangement. Undeterred by the original plans, we played around with placing provisional walls to make the absolute best use of the space.

In the living room - dining room - kitchen unit we condensed the kitchen to better reflect Tamás’ lifestyle and carved up the vertical space to serve varying functions. The result was a more comfortable interior space with improved space usage. The eating area was fitted with an elongated 8-person dining table and the living room won a wider space as well. Last but not least, we tackled the long bathroom, breaking the unit into two sections, where we installed a standing shower with a bedroom entrance, and separated the toilet and broom closet to be approached from the ante-room.

Essentially, we furnished the place to befit a masculine world - the big table will be home to friendly gatherings, dinners and poker games. Electronic devices were reduced to a sleek minimum: a small powerful bluetooth sound system and projector stand ready to cast movies on the opposing wall kept bare for that specific purpose. This way, the space retains a simple and polished vibe, highlighting Tamás’ favorite element in the apartment - the chevron style oak hardwood floor.