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    This is the first draft of the introduction to this story. It will probably go through more edits but I wanted to present this project in a more … Read More
    This is the first draft of the introduction to this story. It will probably go through more edits but I wanted to present this project in a more formal form Read Less
This project has been in the making for several years and will probably be several more. I hope this page will make you want to follow this adventure.

This is still a work in progress. And it will evolve more as I carry on. The story is being told by Atara, a woman, around thirty years old. In the first chapter she meets the giant Lion who is injured and needs her healing skills. While taking care of his wounds she tells us the legend of the creation of her world. The world is called Circadia, and the working title is currently :

The Chronicles of Circadia
Chaos and the Lady of the Night
Long ago, before time existed, there was the Void. And there was Chaos, manifesting itself through sound. Sound became melody and the fabric of the Void warped and twisted. Amidst the melody appeared a theme, a mighty song. Thus, the Lady of Night came to be and joined her voice to the melody, creating the first Symphony.

Chaos, the Voice of the Void, envious of the Lady tried to take a shape of his own. He joined in the Symphony but found he didn't enjoy having a form. He chose to stay in the Void.
The Lord of Light
The second melody saw the appearance of the Lord of Light. Thus the first symphony was complete. It unwound for many, many aeons. Other creatures appeared in the Melody : Immortals, creatures of song that danced in the Void. The first born of all Immortals was the giant Lion, he is the memory of these ancient times and still wanders the World.
The Dreamchild

The symphony created many more Immortals, until one melody gave birth to the ultimate Immortal : the Dreamchild. Thus started the second Symphony, the song of dream. The child started to dream, dreams of mortal creatures, animals, humans and plants too.
A gathering of beasties
Imagine the universe as a crystal sphere. Inside it are more spheres, one of them being Circadia. But at the time of the second Symphony there was only one sphere, created from the Void. Until one day something happened that shattered the first sphere. All the mortal creatures gathered in the dream and cried.
The Dream-children name all mortal creatures
Something else happened then, the Dreamchild became two : "One becomes two, and entropy enters the equation. The gears of the world start ticking." The shards of the crystal sphere merged into many smaller spheres. This was when Circadia was created, from one of the shards. And mortal creatures took material form and populated the spheres. This is the world as we know.

But there is danger. Before turning back to the Void, Chaos created the Guardian, a creature that can assume any shape who's aim is to end Entropy and bring the Universe back to the Void too, ending all life for ever. The lion's mission is to stop the Guardian, this is how he got injured, during their last battle.

All creatures in the Spiral hospital had gathered to see the giant lion, no one in living memory had seen an Immortal. They all listened to Atara speak of the old legend. Then the lion’s voice boomed, it resonated so deeply that the smaller creatures were bouncing up and down from the vibration.

The lion spoke : « I came to warn you, the end is near if I can’t stop the Guardian and he has found the one element he lacked for his purpose. The last shard of the crystal spheres, the key to undoing the world, to stop entropy. If any of you can find where he is hiding it, you must tell me »