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    Zombie caricatures of friends and family.

Ladies and Gentlemen! I present to you, ZOMBIFIED: Series 1, 2 & 3! This is a series of friends and family victims turned into Zombies. Each series contains 10 images. It costs $80 to be Zombified. The more people involved the more it will cost. So if you, your family, or your friend(s) are interested in being ZOMBIFIED, just leave a message in my inbox and I can explain all the details OR if you have a Facebook, you may visit www.Facebook.com/ZombifiedByGeraldTerado and all of the info is there for ya! Enjoy!!
Series 1 (1-10)
Leeny Coronel
Vanessa Fernandez
Will Rivera
Jeni Mastrangelo
Tyron Hatcher
Teresa Igler
Lisa M.
Gianessa & Zayda
Kyle Ricker
Matt Shirhall
Series 2 (11-20)
Lisa F.
Jane V.
Dave Heerse
Jess Dellapenna & Matt Guyer
Mr. Mini Horse
Michele & Rob
The Sisters: Elaina & Katie
Series 3 (21-30)
Dan Dedeian
Krista & Brandon
HAIL HARBOR: (L to R) Andrew, Ryan, Ned, Steve, Matt
SCIENCE: (L to R) Steve, Tom, Andy, Evan, Alexa
Jessica Doot