Among various series of Lamy, Pico series is my all time favorite.
I will offer a kit for office supplies using identity of pico series.
I can tell that it will be a very interesting project for both of me and Lamy.
Zoom in and out, this was my observation ways in order to find out identity lines of Pico
so that I could study more about ways to apply the unique styles of Pico to other products.

This product is a sideline of calculator which is necessary for business man.
It was inspired by a sideline of pen, which can make
people think of the unique identity of Lamy.

This usb was designed using imagery of outlines of Pico.
It is made small, light, and more convinient as
it consists of two usb - 64GB and 32GB.
It is portable and convinent for business man to use.

It was inspired by rounding point of Pico's outline.
It has balanced angles for people to look by setting
the center of gravity behhind, like the principle of roly-poly.
The hour-hand exemplified the outlines of Pico.

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