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Architectural Poetry
This is a layered accordion for my final of Book Structures. There are three layers, the poem runs on the top two. This project was an experiment into architectural poetry, and light and paper. 
My soul flutters here and there
Searching for yours.
My eyes have never seen you.
Yet my heart knows only you.
It won't let me see,
or be seen by any other.
The promise of tomorrow,
drives them all away today.
Yet what if you never show?
What if you live solely in my mind?

I have lived a thousand lifetimes with you
Yet you don't know,
The sound of my breath, or the smell of my hair,
I see you every night,
Yet every morning I forget
the face that is yours.
All I hold is the memory of a promise you made
This second book was made for the Book Structures class as well. It contains my poem, Receive You Shall.
The poem is written twice. Once on the front and on the back. But the back has the text backwards, as if the words from the front seeped from the front pages to the back pages. 
Receive You Shall
Dust settles on the heart 
That has forgotten how to love.
Why to love?
There never was anyone worth the love.
Was she ever looking,
to love?
Of late, the winds of winter 
are chiming through her soul.
Blowing the dust away,
casting a shine of ray.
Where has the heart be-gone,
Where art tho, the soul inquires
"I am here, I am here."
Awakens with a steadfast beat,
The heart.
"I was always here.
In a deep slumber I lay,
Till you called me near."

The heart and soul are now one.
Yet still a half.
They are restlessly searching for he,
Who can make them laugh.
They want the companionship of 
Intellect not hubris
Humor not satire 
And respect not lust.

A voice comes to her in the winds,
The love you seek
Can only be received not found
And receive you shall, sang the sound.
Architectural Poetry
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Ravista Mehra

Architectural Poetry

Two books experimenting with architectural poetry.