Travel website, where you can buy tickets, book hotel, purchase insurance policy and do other things that you may need to arrange a trip.
Home page is all about air tickets as it's the key selling point. Adaptive grid allows to show any number and combination of special offers and hot prices.
Key feature of the air tickets search form is twin calendar. It contains information about dates and prices. It also has several views that depend on the search criteria. Search forms are simple and unified for air tickets, hotels and other sections. However you can easily distinct them by colors and a few settings
We've come up with a nice feature for the search loader. It shows you useful details related to your search and other website services. For example, if you're looking for two tickets to Madrid, we'll show you the lowest ticket price, airports nearby, quantity of hotels in Madrid and the lowest price per night. Also you can see insurance policy cost and visa system in Spain, whether you need a visa or not.
Search results are grouped by time and costs. Each offer has all the necessary information: departure and arrival time, if it's a direct plane or you need to spent some time waiting for the change of plane and total flight time.
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