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    For every new Facebook Friend the virgin mary sheds a tear.
On the occasion of World AIDS Day 2011, deepblue networks launched a unique promotion for “Jugend gegen Aids” (Youth against Aids). With every new Facebook friend, a real statue of the Virgin Mary sheds a tear as a symbol against the Catholic Church’s stance toward condoms.

Support has been provided by artist Stefan Strumbel, who is known as shooting star in the international art scene. The installation has been showcased in two exhibitions put on by the 'Circle Culture Gallery'.
For every new Facebook Friend the virgin mary sheds a tear.
More than 10.000 supporters after one week, many discussions and international press reports made this campaign a huge success for Jugend gegen AIDS.

Annual Multimedia Award (Gold / Social Media)
DMMA Onlinestar (Bronze / Non Profit)
FWA Site of the Day (28.07.2012)
Goldener Funke 2012 (Sonderpreis - Deutscher Preis für Wirtschaftskommunikation)
Pixel (Shortlist)
Making Of
We prepared a statue of a virgin mary, painted it white, and used aquarium-technic to let her cry.
A webcam streamed the the crying virgin mary live on the Facebook-Page.
We developed a software that tracked live the count of the Facebook Friends of Jugend gegen AIDS. Everytime the count rised the software sent a signal to a Pump which made the virgin mary cry.