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    Jewellery sculpture
Captured Circles
Paper pulp sculpture
The Middelste Molen (The Middle Mill) was founded in 1622. At that time rags were crushed and processed into paper. The water in the area of ​​Loenen (Gelderland, The Netherlands) was of a pure quality, and this contributed to the quality of the paper from the mill. Today the mill unfortunately no longer uses the running water to make the mill work and rags can not be used because todays clothing are not made ​​of natural fibers. But this last remaining paper mill still makes top quality paper. Widely used for restoration purposes, but also by artists and lovers of craft.
This year (2012), ten artists were invited to participate in an art project. They were asked to design an object based on a piece of jewelery. Using paper or paperpulp, optionally mixed with other materials.
I used the magnificent paper pulp from the mill together with the recycled paper pulp I normally used for my projects. Didn't want to use any other material, to make this object as pure as possible. Together the formed a perfect match for my jewelery object.