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    D&AD Typographic Circle response
D&AD Typographic Circle supplement
The three designers I selected for my supplements were; Anthony Burrill, Morag Myerscough and Jonathan Barnbrook. I wanted to use original content to make the booklets more interesting and unique so I sent around an e-mail asking some unconventional questions to each of the designers and luckily enough, I got a reply from each one. 
I had three booklets for each designer; an interview booklet, a picture booklet and a quote booklet. The style and layout of the booklets were the same for each designer with only the colour changing.
The three supplements did not have the same structure, I had originally researched into the theory and philosophy of Made Thought and found that they are all about contrast which is a philosophy that I found really interesting and I therefore wanted to reflect this in my work.  
The interview booklet was the most structured out of the three; I contrasted a serif and sans serif typeface and kept the amount of information on each page to fill no more than half of it to keep it looking fresh. The clean layout of the interior was contrasted by the raw grey board that I used for the back cover. 
The picture booklet is the smallest of the three. It is perforated so the user can pull out each picture which makes it a bit more tactile. 
The final booklet content was full of found quotes from other interviews, quotes which I thought were inspiring and insightful. The design of this one was far less structured and a bit more experimental with each page looking different.  
(Apologies for the bad quality)