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    A double-sided promotional poster for the Department of Art, Oklahoma State University. Designed and produced in Stillwater, Oklahoma.
Fact: most artists are constantly working to improve their craft. Some might even venture to say that they are continuously a "work in progress." This is the primary theme that the design team wanted to express with this piece. The Art Department at Oklahoma State University is successful because each faculty member and individual student is working 24-8, 366 days a year. While that may be a slight exaggeration, we are all works in progress in some form or fashion. Along with visually expressing this theme, the design team wished to keep all production local in our ever expanding college town. We started meeting to develop our concept in the Fall of 2009 and worked continuously through the winter to produce this piece for the current semester. The resulting double-sided poster was produced locally by Career Tech.

The front side of the poster functions as an informational piece about the Art Department, emphasizing each area of study: Studio Art, Graphic Design, and Art History. The large image of workers that dominates the middle of the poster hints at the history of the Bartlett Center for the Visual Arts, a building that has housed the Art Department since 1970.

For the back side, we really wanted to push the idea of working 365 days + 1. Our resulting solution was to find 365 random facts about the university, department, and our world in general. The last number listed asks the question, "What Will You Bring?," urging prospective students to think about how they could contribute to the Art Department. In keeping with our theme of "A Work In Progress," all crop, registration, and color bars were kept untrimmed to reinforce the "process" aspect of the project.