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    Projects we are working on.
Current Projects: 
Gupener Bierlokaal, Gulpener Beerbrewery, Gulpen (Conversion and restoration). See Above.
Faculty of Health Science, Zuyd University, Heerlen (Renovation)
Bureau Europa, Maastricht Municipality, Maastricht (Renovation and restoration)
Pop-podium Muziekgieterij, Maastricht Municipality, Maastricht (Conversion, restoration + new addition)
Villa Peeters, Heerlen (Residential)
Villa Sogelee, Ransdaal (Residential)
Kraak Countryhouse (Renovation)
Superlocal Pavilion, HEEMwonen, Kerkrade (Re-use)
Lanterna Pop-up Hotel, IBA Parkstad, Voerendaal (Mobile hotelunits)
Temporary Bicycle Parking, Maastricht Municipality, Maastricht (Infrastructure)