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    Excerpt of my motion reel
A 60s journey across Canada to promote Rio Tinto recruitment. This was all part of a huge global campaign that included tv, print, web.
Thanks to Emilie, Michel Alex, Simon, Nico, Gary, Hubert and all the other members of that rockstar crew.
See It in "Shots" vol June 2012
Alzheimer Disease Can Hit Early
A very intense spot. One of those rare executions where you have full creative control.
Certainly one of the nicest collaborations I have experienced. A chance to express the grandiose through minimalism. The research and the testing was a constant part of the creative process. Thank's to Steve Blanchet, Sacha and Etienne.
Click "campaign" to see the making-of.
Where humans are guided by primal instincts.This "vigilante" theme has been on my mind for a while....
I therefore wrote a long feature film synopsis. Trough the writing process I started realizing this project could be a very good TV series and decided to shoot the trailer...
very raw, most effects done in camera.Thanks to my all-time pal Sacha for his extremely precious collaboration and support.
If you want to know more about the "Liberace Circus" Project: get in touch.
A frame by frame spot (720 original frames per spot...)A 28h marathon that turned out real nice. Stop motion is cool but so tediously long. In this case the result is rewarding and the technique definitely serves the concept.