A series of drink packaging design which symbolizes the multiculturalism of Singapore - Chinese, Malay, and Indian. The graphic, the content of the beverages, and the string attachment depicts the unique culture of Singapore. The design is best to promote Singapore in tourism, with a fun and enjoyable approach.

A design workshop conducted by Spanish Design Professional, Sergi Vich, who is involved in Foodjects 2012 Exhibition. This one-day-project was done by 8 student designers, to design a food packaging that promotes Singapore.
-March 2012-
SeaMaze interactively helps GoFlex External-Hard-Drive users to kill their boredom when transferring huge files to or from their device. The goal is to spend the transferring time by solving the difficult maze that starts from the light indicator to the middle of the big logo.

#1 winner of YourGoFlex Casing Design Competition 2010 by Seagate Singapore
-December 2010-
A stationery holder, in the form of the awarded Lasalle College building which represents creativity, is designed for for every Lasalle student and staff not only to remind them about creativity but also to store all of their creativity mediums and sources.
-September 2012-
 Tea, milk, or milk tea? Rose flavoured drink, milk, or ice Bandong?

Mix Mix Mug

Mix Mix Mug proudly symbolizes the strong multiculturalism in Singapore that consists of many different cultures which stand ("mix") together as one.

"Need to stay awake? Try Red Bull and coffee together!"

-August 2010-