A Zine base on two distinct subjects-"Marina Abramović" and "Goods that kill". The subject "goods that kill" is inspired by my original topic the betel nut beauty, which refers to what was once a common sight along roadsides in Taiwan: a young woman selling betel nuts and cigarettes from a brightly lit glass enclosure while wearing revealing clothing.Then extended my topic to a wider range which include all the advertisements that these big companies uses to promote cigarette and alcohol or and products that are harmful to your body.

-If inhealthy food is bad for us, why do we eat it?
-Helpful, yet harmful:What is Areca Catechu?
-Asia's deadly secrect:The scourge of the betel nut
-Phythm 0 and human nature
-Marina Abramović helped Lady Gaga kick her marijuana habit
-Why do people smoke?
-Here is what alchol advertising does to kids
-Marina Abramović made me cry
Mini Zine: And extended idea inspired by the topic good that kills.
"Here's plan B, led you to a healthy lifestyle that will less for the rest of your life!"
Branding for the ZINE: Logo, Pattern, Stationaries, T-shirts.
And finally, a poster for the zine.
Thanks for viewing!