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    collection of business card (or name card) with out-of-box copywriting concept
Give them a one-of-a-kind business card.
I am actually opposed to the idea of using term 'business card' as such term only refers to the notion of promoting a business the card owner has. I initially want to come up with using term 'name card' as it seems to give more freedom on the content of the card (as long as it has name of the giver). However, dictionaries such as Webster, Oxford and Thesaurus do not acknowledge 'name card' as most of us do.
traveling (especially when you are doing it alone) is a great (and easy) way to quickly transform a stranger into a (close) friend. being in a cafe or bar while sipping a beer (or any kind of drink) and observing the crowd is the most common scene experienced by solo traveler. conversation starter is the essential kit to get a company in such scene. this hello-stranger card can be a great help.
when was the last time you make someone flattered? or when was the last time you gave a compliment toward someone? if you have a hard time of answering those questions, this card might be an effective solution for you.
are you a kind of person who likes to reminisce about first time meeting somebody? this where-do-we-meet card can be a convenient method to flashback your first meeting with your future husband/wife, bestfriend, bestman, fling, frenemy, you name it.
do you know hard it is to cross the road in Saigon? if you don't know, well then let me tell you that it's HARD (though it's still not as hard as Bruce Willis' missions in his DIE HARD movies). 
your name card can do more than just telling your contact address. there are heaps of (uncool) people who do not know that we don't have to use hotel card to turn on the electricity of the room. let them be amazed by how "powerful" your name card can be by telling them to use this name card instead of their hotel card.