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Let’s try to imagine how much electricity we spent every day for illumination for the roads, spatially for the roads between cities, moreover these roads using at night time (when the lights is on) only for a 20% than during day time. How we as designers can change this situation? What if the solar-panels streetlights already exist and they are not used everywhere? What is needed to be done to improve this situation?

I see a huge opportunity for a design to solve not only one problem of wasting electricity but several of them as cost, sustainability, aesthetics and future transformations. The other reason is my personal design challenge to create an object which will be functional,
beautiful and not to grasp to much attention, but change the whole picture which will good enough as a group and on its own.

so this is my view on a sustainable future - self-sufficient streetlight:

Streetlight made from metal spine contraction, concrete base andattached panels made from recyclable plastic, with two LED-panels,elastic solar panels and alarm lampElastic Solar panels, S= 0,890 m, for one hour produce more than 1,3 KV of energy, which  earn by accumulatorLED-panels using for one hour of work less than 0,5 KV of energy streetlight have two of them, which are separated to provide bigger lightspread and efficiencyAlarm signal produce red light in case of  emergency, car accident, or spatial eventsVolume and movement scanner (43% of car accidents between the citiesare because of the animals), alarm signal on the top start to twinkleby the red lamp,  when scanner identify movement volume more than 20KG  Electricityplug for electric-cars, working from global electricity system, forcharging battery during journey and ability to go for fartherdestinations
Style inspiration was taken from Luidgi Colani   designs and bio - forms, at this project for the structure i was looking at self illumination fish at the deep sea water - as an analog to self sufficient streetlight which actually illuminate and operate by it own.