I got in contact with Adobe through Twitter and one thing led to another and they asked me to take part in the Adobe Remix project. I’ve been a big fan of previous remixes from Gmunk’s Laser wizardry to to the super clean version by Alex Trochut. I couldn’t wait to dig in, and do my take on the remix of the Adobe logo.

The brief from Adobe was to make a wall print for a feature wall in the lobby of their headquarter in San Jose. and it was not a small wall, the dimension where 24 feet tall and 38 feet wide.

Final version of my sculpture
The Sculpture

A style I’ve been working with is 3D procedural sculptures, and thought that would be perfect for the wall itself. I knew I would need to push the level of detail of my sculptures so it could hold up at that size. the print itself had to be done in 150dpi and the final resolution ended up at 68K. I won’t lie I got a little nervous when I calculated the render size, I had to double check that I calculated it correct a couple of times.

detailed close ups of the sculpture
The sculpture itself is made of millions and millions of tiny spheres, various in size. With the use of a custom algorithm I was able to create  a multilayer complexity to the form. To incorporate the logo and came up with a setup that used the outline of the logo to attract the nearby spheres, this created a nice a subtle version of the logo imbedded into the sculpture itself. The color spectrum I used was sampled from the interior of the lobby, this made the wall print blend nicely with its surrounding.

To easier understand the scale of the render I highlighted a red rectangle thats equivalent to  one 1920x1080 frame.
Layout of the wall
Houdini setup
Black version

Video Wall

A second part of my remix was to create content for a 6x6 screen video wall that’s inside the lobby. The idea for the video wall was to have close up crops of the main sculpture and slowly animate them evolving through time.

HD version of the wall animation

I’m super pleased with the result of my remix and I hope people will appreciate it as well. and a big THANKS to the people over at Adobe for letting me do this, its been a honor.

Project details

Wall size: 38’-0” x 24’-0”

Print settings: 150dpi

Full print resolution: 68,550x43,200px

Particle count: 64,000,000 spheres

Render time: 14,378 CPU-Hours to render, equivalent to 50 days on a 12-Core computer.

Render Tiles: 36x40, 1440 1920x1080 HD Frames
Adobe Remix - Jon Noorlander