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    Graphic design and illustration created as a band promotional screen print and music festival poster. Custom designed for the band New Order.
Music Festival Poster
My design for the Bestival contest
My illustration for the band New Order - playing this year's annual Bestival Festival. This began as a sketch that I worked into a nice vector layout. Typography plays an important part in music posters so I really put a focus on creating something unique for the band.
As a fan of the band - I wanted to place a lot of importance on their status as well as play with their lyrical style. The imagery is taken from several of their songs and references both their longevity and their status as modern rock gods.
My initial sketch idea for the illustration.
This isn't the finished piece, just the version I needed for the contest. I have a few details to work out for a final design. Color and illustration both need another pass before I'll be happy having it screen printed. Limited to 3 colors maximum so I have to be clever with it.