This is project is a work-in-progress series of posters that I am developing for Great Little Place. GLP is an app that has been created with the sole aim of presenting you with the hidden and less known bars and restaurants around you, or an area you are planning to visit.

The concept was taken from a previous poster I did for them (Illustrated Cities of Europe) which included famous cities and their landmarks represented in a more painterly style. We took this idea and expanded on it to create large-scale illustrations that go into great detail. Cities from around the world will be represented in the final collection, some of which will have multiple colorways. These colorways are determined through time of day, time of year, or both.

Posters will be added to this collection quite often, so please check back periodically to see the progress. If interested in purchasing any of these posters, they can be found at the GLP print store, Great Little Prints, alongside many other beautiful works done by artists from around the globe.

Thank you for looking! Check me out on Instagram and Dribbble to follow my work.