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Ron Cartavio - Packaging
Ron Cartavio was created in 1929 and currently belongs to the Cartavio Rum Company. It is producing rum in the city of Cartavio, La Libertad - Peru, in the generous Chicama Valley. This valley's geographical uniqueness sets an optimal setting for cultivating high-quality sugar cane. It is fed and washed with the purest water from the Andes, making it the richest cane in the world. Ron Cartavio has won 26 medals in the last five years in major international competitions, which leads us to be one of the best rum in the world.

We created a sophisticated, elegant, and trustworthy brand that reflects the qualities of the rum.
All the labels are designed based on the Fibonacci sequence grid, making the graphic elements come together harmoniously and perfectly.
Carefully designed the bottle with a shallow waist for easy handling and comfortable grip.
A generic two-colour cap wraps around like an elegant necklace.
The packaging is a paper cardboard tube hard base, printed in spot colours, with foil touches.
A mate laminated was given to protect it from scratches and wear off.​​​​​​​
Client: Destilerias Unidas
Creative Design Studio: Ploovia Designs
Art & Creative Director: Piero Salardi
Account Executive: Chiara Salardi
Designer: Piero Salardi
Photos: Destilerias Unidas
Container Engineering: Pure Performance Packaging - Latin America


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Ron Cartavio - Packaging

Ron Cartavio - Packaging

Rebranding, bottle design, logotype redesign, labels, caps & packaging for Ron Cartavio in Lima Peru.