Multipurpose theater (Tesis)
El Prat de llobregat_2012
Useful surface:           2.037,9 m2
Floor area:  2.472,4 m2

The space is adapted to the requirements of the principal
The Project is located in el Prat de Llobregat, a town which holds the Barcelona international airport. It is in the middle of an axis of equipment wich runs through the town. Currently on the site there are located two volumes, the old theater, badly damaged, and the bar, which is kept in good condition and is a listed building to be maintained.
The idea is to create a sequence of spaces formed by the stage, auditorium, foyer and bar, which can be combined up to form a single space.
The new body will line both bays limits as to the volume of the existing bar, and the new volume will talk with the former having a contemporary form and a sense of lightness, completely contrary to the existing volume.
The orientation of the main façade to the south west allows the opportunity to create another skin that works as a sun protection and visual, this skin be will materialize in ceramic, a material with historical background in the area.

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