The concept is a comparison between various cultures in terms of what does specific color mean to them? I have chosen three main colors, which are black, white and red. The comparison is between three cultures which are India, West and Arabs cultures. The white associates death in India while happiness in the Middle East and West. However, black denotes Halloween in western culture but death in the Middle East. The red presents passion, love, blood and danger. At the end, I want to prove that their thoughts are just illusion. Its us who are the creators of our thoughts, life and world. 

The project was a winner at Art For All from the Shiekha Salama bint Hamdan Foundation 2012, it was shortlisted among 50 artworks at Sheikha Manal Young Artist Award 2011and won the 3rd place in Photography Category at Habib Media Association Award 2010.
Shortlisted among 50 artworks, Sheikha Manal Young Artists Award, 2011
"Shimmers of Culture" at Sheikha Manal YAA Award Gallery, 2011