Abstract Paintings for the Common Man
Modern Art and Painting has the power to create an energy or emotional reaction with in us that we might not always appreciate or even notice at fist glance.

Art is about people. It is about what we feel, experience and understand and like us is in a constant state of change and development, growing alongside our individual understandings and experiences of life. In a sense our appreciation of art is the story of our lives, a visual narrative that grows and develops alongside us of the things we see and interact with, creating new aspects and realisations within us as we grow as individuals.

Art has always held a power in the mind of the onlooker and has repeatedly been used by the state, church and political idealists throughout history to promote ideas, beliefs, social change and even a cultural identity. We are encouraged to seek familiar objects or ideals, however abstract art delivers a hidden and raw potency of visual impact and strength through the use of colour, shape, form and balance that goes far beyond the expected value and implications of the simple pictorial image.
Solid Void
This is a painting that abounds with relaxing harmonies that resonate within this abstract painting creating a sense of calm interest, drawing on the influence of Paul Klee of the Bahause era. The subtle Blues contrast with the red making this a striking abstract oil painting that adds to the balance and proportion that this abstract painting has to offer. 
80 x 100 cm, oil on canvas, absrtct painting. 
Spinal Tree
This is the first painting strated at my Studio at Hylands House Visitors Center. In this colourful and energetic Abstract Painting exploring the spinal and confusing mass that trees display in their structure captures the sense of the tree from both the external and enveloping feel of being within the branches. Using a thicly laden brushes in bright colours and energetic fashion have added to the character of this Abstract Painting. 
80 x 80 cm, oil on streched canvas.
Shattered Defences
a strong and lively abstract painting. This is the second abstract painting exploring my feelings and sense of scale that Hadrin's Wall evoked in me during a recent visit. 
80 x 100 cm, oil on canvas Abstract painting
clamour of aspect
A bright and exciting abstract oil painting challenges the eye in an interesting way as it explores depth and colour blending and distorting the space through the strong reds and contrasting colours

This abstract painting draws on the experience and knowledge gained from several similar oil paintings that I have painted in the past. by using very thin glazes of oil paint to construct depth and the optical effects which is enhanced by the contrast of light and dark the optical illusion created bends striate lines and distorts our perceptions of depth creating a painting that seams to move or flow in a gentle and relaxed manner

These conflicting views of space and distance through visual distortion with in the abstract pattern creates the optical confusion, that make this painting so desirable for any modern lively space or wall. This particular abstract painting forms part of the studies conducted for the piece “Inside” enabling me to push that particular painting forward

Abstract oil on canvas painting 80 X 65 cm
Blue Melody
Painting can seem like the notes and cords within music. A painting can have its own melody an almost gentle rhythm that allows the painting to feel like a gentle breeze upon our senses. Soothing us, lulling us inviting us to relax and enjoy the moment.

At first I was not entirely happy with the paintings composition. The blue didn't seem quite energetic enough, although over time this painting has truly come alive. The soft browns and warm reds enliven the painting through the broken blues. As an abstract painting it works. The feeling is relaxed and calming.

70 x 70 cm oil on canvas abstract oil painting
A highly tactile abstract painting of thickly applied layers of paint develop the texture and atmosphere that truly catches the eye and sparks the imagination. It is always a delight for me to see the reaction that this painting creates in the individuals that come into contact with this piece of artwork. The intense reds and vivid oranges add to the energy and vitality that this original Painting has to offer while the dark lines and and harmonising colours create gentle balance of form that is half perceived. 
70 x 70 cm Oil on canvas Abstract Painting
Abstract Paintings for the Common Man

Abstract Paintings for the Common Man

bringing the energy, power and imagination of modern art alive in colourful paintings and artwork that anyone can appreciate and enjoy

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