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    Artwork and final outcome for Hamilton Christian School's 2011 Yearbook.
Hamilton Christian School 2011 Yearbook
Creative Direction, Photography, Graphic Design
Designing the Hamilton Christian School annual yearbook has become a bit of a tradition for both me and the school. As a former student, I have had a long lasting relationship with the school (1997 - present), so it was only fitting that when the school was looking for someone to breathe life into the school yearbook...they came to me.

I have been designing yearbooks for the school since 2010 and have been actively involved in the school's branding since leaving the school in 2008.

This project is the design of the 2011 school yearbook. I was creative director and came up with the overall look and feel of the book. All photography on the cover is mine too. Each year the yearbook team grows a little, and helping me on this particular edition was a team of about 8 people. 
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