Rostec's mission is to expand Russian high-tech industry. They asked us to showcase their developments in a video. 
Being fans of complex machinery that we are, we jumped on it right away. The video has everything that an engineering geek could possibly long for: blow-up schemes, guns and, of course, huge off-road racing trucks. Check it out! ​​​​​​​

Behind the scenes

(Just kidding)

Client: ROSTEC
Production Company: AltSpace

Director: Igor Voloschuk
Art Direction: Igor Voloschuk
CG Supervision: Sergey Nezhentsev
Account Management: Lucy Tsivileva
Editing: Igor Voloschuk
Copywriter: Eugene Kudashev
Modeling: Valentine Sorokin, Vladimir Kufeld, Ilya Filin, Alexander Kunitsyn, Philipp Gorbachev, Sergey Nezhentsev, Alexander Eskin, 
Michael Menzelincef, Alexey Derzhavin, Oleg Butov
Texturing: Philipp Gorbachev, Valentine Sorokin, Alexander Kunitsyn
Rendering: Philipp Gorbachev, Sergey Nezhentsev
3D Animation: Sergey Nezhentsev, Oleg Butov, Alexey Derzhavin, Valentine Sorokin
Compositing: Alexander Eskin, Sergey Nezhentsev
2D Animation: Alexey Brin
UI Animation: Evgeny Mishunin
Music&Sound Design: Monoleak
Storyboard Artist: Anton Antonov