AJNA Center for Learning
logo refresh and website for life coaching business
One of my clients; patrons, friends- Doc and Ritu of AJNA Center for Learning, an international life coaching project based in Pune, India, were desperate for design. Their logo was over a decade old, and their website and images were running with resolutions from a bygone technical era. Their web designer jumped ship within a few weeks of launching. I arrived in India just in time to pick up the pieces, change direction, and steer the project to completion- updating logos, taking new photos, and adding an online store, digitally publishing a new collection of books, launching a corporate social media presence, and creating a monthly newsletter production process. Extensive photo retouching, video production editing, and online forms abound.

The result is a renewed brand, an uptick in social media impressions, and outreach to a client base that had previously been ignored. Already there is sparked interest in new products and services that came about through the creative process.

Check out the website HERE.