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    A collaborative project between me and www.Jchaz.tumblr.com
Beauty Without Decay
Forever the undying queen
Beauty Without Decay is a collaborative series with my close friend, writer and lifestyle adviser, Jake Chastain. These pieces tel stories from different moments. This project is currently ongoing.

Beauty Without Decay
Beauty without Decay
In a glance, the world’s Beauty is bottled.
But Beauty is never sold. Tenfold in glamour,
Beauty never tastes the gaudy overtake of decay.
Unashamed to shine like fire, Beauty is radiant;
An elegant, classy,
Deathly-ferocious white.
Beauty is brilliant;
One is blessed to catch her diamonds;
The glow of a million glorious jewels,
Gracefully traced by sanctified ghosts
So lavishly covered in coal.
They burn like a sudden plush, pearl eclipse.
From her lips
It gently slipped, “Innocence
In Sacrifice.”
Whirlwinds of watercolor surround her.
Beauty remains un-phased.
Graffiti sings harmony,
Beauty, the majestic melody.
Notes peak in vibrant pinks,
Purples promise the sky, redefined;
Hummingbirds hover above a drowning Love,
Guardians of the aura, motif of electric lust.
Birthed by layers upon layers, Beautifully shed,
Peeled away over time to allow a flourish,
With rapid wings, they gracefully fly.
They rise, calmly ecstatic in chaotic fragments;
Beauty proclaims a statuesque poise.
Fury, for the first time, has met its match.
Beauty, without decay, heals every ailing heart.
Beauty, without boundaries, overtakes a million souls.
Beauty, untamed, will conquer the world.
Beauty is famous, for existing alone.
Beauty is forever crowned the Undying Queen.
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