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    Thistle is a plant with a very long history, but quite forgotten lately. It is mostly known for being the symbol of Scotland, but it obviously ha… Read More
    Thistle is a plant with a very long history, but quite forgotten lately. It is mostly known for being the symbol of Scotland, but it obviously has many other symbolic meanings around it. Unfortunately, it has a lot of negative connotations (pain, pride, poverty), mostly because people see this plant as a weed that grows in very unfortunate places, where other plants cannot grow. The edible Thistle it is also known in history as a dish of the poor, thus becoming a symbol of poverty and pain. But I would like put things on a happier note and to highlight the more positive features of this plant. We can all agree its flowers are quite remarkable (I find them amazingly beautiful) for a plant that needs very little attention and care from the environment. Being a tough plant that survives in harsh conditions and grows where others won’t, it symbolizes strength and healing. In the same time the thistle is a symbol of protection due to its prickly-edged leaves. The tough, painful spikes of the plant itself suggest endurance and bravery, thus healing. The color of its flowers - purple is associated with royalty and nobility. Thistle was very often used as a motif during the Art Nouveau age, probably due to its colors and sinuous design matching perfectly with this eclectic style. This plant is usually surrounded by lots of butterflies, bumblebees and especially Goldfinch birds. They seem to adore this plant not only as a source of food, but also as a source of shelter. Thistle flowers from July to September, so as soon as the seeds have ripen, the female Goldfinches like to line their nests with the down of Thistle flowers. This makes their nests water-resistant during the rainy season. I would say this symbolizes also flexibility and adaptability. I chose to represent an American Goldfinch in my drawing due to its beautiful bright yellow shading complementing the purple Thistle flowers. Goldfinches are sparkly omens that represent joy, happiness and resurrection, so they are a perfect symbolic match with the Thistle. It is told their song is a suggestion for us to unleash our own song. If we've been concealing our gift from the world - the finch is a sign to start making our value more available to others. Thus it is said the Goldfinch will sing to your heart and guide you on a path of creativity. In conclusion, the message I meant to represent in my drawing is the following: if you feel you are facing difficulties in growing your talent or gift, that you lack opportunities or possibilities to show the world your gift, or if you feel there is no support from people you expect to support your dreams, you should not stop there. Pull yourself together, find your inner song, make it better and sing it louder to the world! Media used: Colored pencils (Polycolor from Koh-I-Noor and Polychromos from Faber-Castell) on A3 Dorée drawing paper. Read Less
NOTE: Part of my self-initiated project called  "Seasons in your hair - an illustrated calendar"
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