for Lomography
I was approached by Lomography to customize one of their Diana cameras for an art show that that started in SF and will move on around the world.  They gave the artists free reign to do whatever they wanted to the camera.  I chose to keep it somewhat simple and work with acrylic paint.  I have never really painted on something so odd shaped as this camera, so I thought keeping it simple would give me the best chances of creating something worthy of traveling the world.

In preparation I created the digital illustration before I painted the camera itself.  This ended up being a really good idea for me because I really didn't have much left to do othet than simply render what I had already created.  As I expected painting on the lumpy crevased surface was quite a challenge, but not as hard as I had imagined.

I liked how the camera came out so much I felt inspired to make this illustration into a t-shirt design.  The text in the t-shirt design is simply a placeholder.  It can easily be edited.