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    For Quadra Collection Shop launch, Diogo Akio has created a 4-posters collection exploring minimalism design through simple but strong compositio… Read More
    For Quadra Collection Shop launch, Diogo Akio has created a 4-posters collection exploring minimalism design through simple but strong compositions using shapes and colours. Read Less

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Art Prints

Mount Fuji
Diogo Akio, Sep. 2015

"Mount Fuji" is the encounter of two major symbols of Japan: the beautiful and grand mountain, and the very unique Japanese national flag. The intersection of these elements represents two significant aspects of Japanese visual culture: subtlety and strength. We further emphasize the Japanese minimalist identity by using two elements to create three forms.

Sailor, Sun and the Sea
Diogo Akio, Dec. 2017

'Sailor, Sun and the Sea' relates to those who are not afraid of sailing adrift. Adventurous people who may have to face some bad storms along the way, but that are always searching for every beautiful sunset view.

Blue Jays
Diogo Akio, May. 2017

The art print represents a way for Diogo Akio to express his gratitude to the city he's been calling home since 2015. During his time in Toronto, if there was something that took his attention many times, it was the fact that lots of people, no matter their style or age, were proudly using the iconic Jays cap. Everywhere. It could be a little boy going to school or an adult businesswoman on her commute. All of them shared the same passion.

Ramen Time
Diogo Akio, Mar. 2017

This is for those who count every second until the next time they are going to eat ramen.

Diogo Akio, Nov. 2016

The artwork is a representation of the most basic and natural definition of time, which is the perception of day and night. The very basic forms are very contrasting and intense, but also creates one single element: an hourglass. The vertical arrangement makes reference to the day dissolving into the night, which is also the same direction of the sunset.

The Smell of Coffee Blooming
Diogo Akio, Jun. 2016

A tribute to one of the best moments in the ritual of drinking coffee: the smell of the coffee blooming. The moment when hot water first hits the grounds, and make them bubble and rise. One of the best smells in life is when the gases in the coffee are purged, and the extraction starts. The artwork is a visual interpretation of this very intense and sublime feeling.

One Way
Diogo Akio, Aug. 2016

One Way illustrates a lonely journey to nowhere. It’s a meditative experience of driving on a road at night with no direction and nothing to distract you from your thoughts. Sometimes the best way to find some clarity is by getting lost.

Dos Arcos da Lapa ao Pão de Açúcar
Diogo Akio, Feb. 2017

In english "From Arcos da Lapa to Pão de Açúcar", the artwork is both a tribute and invitation to explore what is best in the most popular city in Brazil, and definitely one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities in the world: Rio de Janeiro. The image is a mix of "Arcos da Lapa" and "Pão de Açúcar", two of the main attractions in the city and very distinct from each other, which represents the plurality of Rio.

Table Tennis – Present vs. Future
Diogo Akio, Oct. 2016

At first, the flat view may give you a sense of unbalance. Two circles in different sizes, colours and positions. This intentional aspect represents the whole point of table tennis game: breaking the norm and creating unbalance. Now focus on the white ball and put it in a first plan above everything. After that the other ball will make more sense.

That’s the experience of playing table tennis. It’s not only about where the ball is, but where it’s going to be. It’s a game that requires concentration, agility and skills. And sometimes the battle is against yourself. It seems so simple, but it’s definitely more than that.

Brazilian Bossa Nova
Diogo Akio, May 2016

The artwork was inspired by the small but authentic fragments found in Bossa Nova's lyrics: the waves, the sunset and the iconic sidewalk of Copacabana. Romantic and contemplative, it is as tropical and sophisticated as Bossa Nova is.

Fruit tree
Diogo Akio, Mar. 2018

It represents the essence of a fruit tree. Its nature is to give part of itself to proliferate and support life as an essencial part of a big ecosystem. By expressing it in a very concise way, it reinforce its greatness. It's basically saying: Tree. Period.

At Night in Downtown
Diogo Akio, Aug. 2016

Inspired by the book “The Art of Stillness” by Pico Iyer, the artwork “At Night in Downtown” illustrates the busy and intense city life. In contrast, it invites us to observe this environment from outside (physically or mentally) as a way to keep us focused and aware of things that surround us in the every day routine. The blurred city lights are the main elements that represent this change of perception from the the unrest to quietness.

Diogo Akio, Aug. 2016

Frevo, the most famous and popular folk music style from Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil, is known for its vibrant and intense rhythm, colourful costumes aesthetic and happy atmosphere. The name "frevo" comes from the word in Portuguese "ferver", which means "to boil". The geometric representation makes reference to the traditional umbrella, the iconic element of Frevo style. Also, it illustrates the music compass reverberating through the blocks of Olinda, where the main carnival of the state happens.

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