... ... / \ / \ (Dots & dots, Broken Rods)
... ... /\/\/\ 
~ (Dots & Dots, Broken Rods) ~
Dots & Dots Broken Rods
Safe spots
three sweet dots
in a title_quest
to have some rest.
Their bets can be as charming as harmful;
The publisher said "No" to my handful
                                                      of "reasons".

So elegantly spent 
this time
in the end
it's only a choice of living another illusion.

Special glasses help us provide some food for the brain.
{Pink Toes swimming in a bowl of soup that is making this trip worthwhile}

No pride, no glory
No fame, no great stacks of money,
No power, no way to get where you're going...

All dreamers get hacked
on the course of this High_Tech

Three dots in a row
as sweet as a crow made of chocolate.

{Don't be mad at me, darling! I'm only revealing some lying truths here!}

Three more for the fun
A new place to run
so safely!

More rods of Time are emerging!

{admit it: you like to see me so... 
unhappy, living your misery! Oh!
oh, well! I'm inviting you now to relax 
and enjoy your fun!...
while you're still around! Dear lovely cursing gown...
The mice know how to show you this sound!}

Rumours are making some lives
looking real!

You are what they say about you
in their eye!

Remember to smile: 
The stage is your dye, your kingdom and your time!

{Bee Hive!} 

The Messenger Type

Ironically you,
Ironically me.
Messages from above and inside

a co_worker

sounds felt on caresses and hugs
High above.

Their voices up, 
your feelings down

The tissue paper 
awaits in the corner of the room...

to wipe the voices of your hurting soul. 


Classmates: dismissed!
they all need a break 
from this painful lock
that's too good to be true!

ironically me,
Ironically you!

We're all dreaming!
their lode-star is leading them
to the proper lodge.

will you join them for a cup of fresh fun?

Happy Sailing
above the clouds!


A management buy-out,
a pie to sell cheap,
one business developing,
two sailors walk in!
Three maniacs working
too much for a goal
that is to be broken
by those prides that they form
in schools that they know how
to make work so well!
behind smiling mimics and gestures of fake.
The civilised way!
so nice to Obey!

4 mince purposes
are filled with grandeur
succes means for you
a brand new chance to fail.

To be humanly true to your Hue Man beliefs
to be the fool that still misses
a loving caress. 

Carbon Poem

"A Sun transforming matter into light 
is giving up

The sun is the lighting of your path.

Up Sea sight


On the stage of "What I could have been if..." 
there is a lot of material that is happening!
to bring to the eyes
of a public that can blink
unseen by the malicious minds 
that got lost 
in some poetic steam!


Watch the traveller,
He's living his peace
into the stream of one poetical mist.

The wool in the lap of a grandma he's missing
unravels her golden wishes 
for him to be all_knowing 
and reaching 
the whoops they are not giving!

He isn't though like that,
He's happier now!
since he knows that allKnowing 
get to do much harm.

The clock ticks are now turning
in wow_wow's and in gweens,
in colours of  all rainbows
they are willing to live

... and make_believe ...

Their learning moves much faster
than we can now forsake
imagining like always
what is that could have been.

"If I were now younger,
If I were much brighter,
if I had the mindset
of a genius thunder!
If I had the courage
and I had the nerve...
If I were the Universe...
If I changed the course
of delusions.

The wool string is telling 
about chérrie trees so filled
 with daft flowers
that give life to see
two red eyes looking still,
exploring a new mirror's 
oh, I guess 
creators have already 
seen this beautiful remembrance.

Not funny to learn that 
in death things grow fast,
We're making progression
the new term in hand.

From hamlets to cities,
the banks all have helped,
to city your neighbour
and village your friend.

Two halves of one storey:
"The human, so kind!"
Two halves that need snowflakes
to bring up some smiles!

Two gifts for two people
Who'll get their gifts done
for the happiness and laughter
of a new and third one.

"I'll cry if I have too,
I'll suffer once more!
Just bare with me dearest
and help me some more!"

 Let's not make this drama 
queen  too lovely one
 lore of this one store
give her one last chance to
embarrass herself more!

"I need to be happy
to give happiness

But please...
help me through this
fine haze of dark dreams!"


Reflective tears have happened,
I pray for them to heal
All humans that are worthy,
all those who really feel

That care, that love, that passion
Their work, to help some more!
That carbon's really useful
when energies need fun!


"I need to help myself though
as I need to help them,
I need to give to people
the things I so longed for...
and probably much more!"

As diamonds shine on her ring
I move towards one end
of eras that have left all
this promising new land.

The land of skies' emotions
these heavens open wide
They're 7 for their kingdom 
and 9 for those who cry!

Projective moments happen
poseurs are leaving ground
For programming and progress
to happen all around.

Reflective teas have happened
I pray for them to heal
All humans that are worthy
all those who really feel.

True care, true love,
true passion!

Their work will help much more!
That carbon's really helpful
when energies have fun!

... When...
... ... / \ / \ (Dots & dots, Broken Rods)

... ... / \ / \ (Dots & dots, Broken Rods)

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