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    A revamp to bring out the features and benefits of Philips LED Bulbs to adequately inform consumers before they make a purchase. (2011)
See what light can do
LED bulbs are increasingly gaining in popularity as they last longer, use less electricity, and are less harmful to the environment. This meant that market leader Philips had to ensure that its information on its website was informative, helpful and interesting for consumers who wanted to learn more about LED lighting.

Not only did we revamp their LED Bulbs website, making it easier to navigate, learn about LED bulbs and browse their product offerings, we also created an LED calculator tool that easily showed you how much you would save if you used LED in your home, while making it relevant to consumers by comparing the savings to a regular item - coffee.

The pages on the website were made more SEO-friendly with descriptions that brought out relevant keywords as would be searched for by consumers, while every page browsed also offered contexual and relevant signposts to other LED pages to help consumers get all the information they needed before making a purchase. A mobile version of these pages was also created, with prioritised content to enable a seamless user experience for those who visited the website on the go.

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