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    A global creative platform that focuses on collaborations between artists from the East and West for new and interesting creations. (2011, 2012)
Where East meets West in creative fusion
Tiger Translate is a global creative platform that seeks to bring creative individuals from the East and West together to collaborate on art and music. With such an artistic ambition, the website had to be equally sleek-looking, and still be able to achieve its practical functions of showcasing all the artists, their work, and the various Tiger Translate events held around the world.

An artists' platform was created where consumers can search for the artists that they want or know about, see the work that they've done and find out more about their profile. Artists were also exposed regularly through Artist Features as well as Interviews.

In addition to the website, the Facebook Page is also an area of interest for our client, and we are managing the growing community, updating them on the latest in the street art and music scene, bringing them live updates during our events and regularly highlighting our Tiger Artists.

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