Moscow – Nice
the train graphics and booklet
The «Moscow-Nice» route is served by Federal Passenger Company, affiliated company of Russian Railways JSC, specialized on distant routes. The two-days trip to Nice leads passengers through the territories of eight countries: european part of Russia, Belarus, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Monaco and France.
I made an infographic schedule and picture for the Year of Russian Culture and Language in Italy, when it was actual. Both has been placed on the picture of window near the exit. Besides, my main part here is a booklet for the passangers of this train.

The booklet was meant to be a reference source to help people to find out some information about the route, like arrival time to Vienna and stop time for stations to buy some extra cakes, coffee, beer or something else.
First sketch:
Not bad, but not so bright for the journey full of emotions. So, I've added some photos and changed the first layout. Then, I've added links for people who want to know more about the place.
The route takes two and a half days including night stops. Because you can’t see very clear at night, I've made “night” stations a little schematic, using shortened text.

When our work was finished for about 95% and we matched it three times with our client, we've received some information about changes of arrival time and stop time for every station, which was shifted for 6 hours earlier. That was the reason, why our «day» pictures should become «night» and vice versa. Instead of redrawing all the pictures, I've changed my ‘day-night' conception by adding new “daily” stations. After printing I've got the booklet examples.
Here they are.

Creative direction, copywriting and project managment – Roman Yanshin, Timur Zarudny
Art-direction and design – Sergey Tarasenko
Photo – Anastasia Litvinenko
made in Piligrim
Moscow — Nice train